Standard American Diet = S.A.D.

It’s good to see you’re sticking with us! In the last issue we spoke about unhealthy foods you need to eliminate from your diet immediately, if not sooner. In this issue we’re going to continue down that road by taking a closer look at a driving factor in lifestyle and its impact on your health… what you eat.

Currently, more than two-thirds of Americans are overweight or clinically obese, that breaks down to 68% of us. While obesity is a byproduct of these blood sugar challenges, the main culprit for abnormal blood sugar is a “high-sugar” lifestyle. That lifestyle also includes eating things like refined white flour, processed and fatty foods, as well as almost any food that is man-made.

Today, 24 million Americans have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and another 57 million Americans that have a condition referred to as “pre-diabetes” or insulin resistance.

In order to move forward on the path towards better blood sugar health, we need to take a hard look at what we’re doing now that maybe obstructing our path.

Some of problems with the standard American breakfast is that it is
  • High in refined carbohydrates, starches, and sugars that promote [diabesity] (diabetes and obesity).
  • Low in fiber.
  • High in hydrogenated oils.
  • High in omega -6 fatty acids (the type that promotes sickness).
  • Contains higher density calories that affect the pancreas, and also promote insulin resistance over time.

Americans have acclimated themselves to start their days with a diet of starches, processed meats, and consume very little, if any, fruits and vegetables during their morning meal. Does this sound familiar? Donuts, croissants, pastries, white bread, and sugary cereals; these are examples of the ‘high-carb, low-nutrition’ types of foods you should avoid if you really want to be healthy and maintain a stable glucose metabolism.

Today’s Blood Sugar Health Tip

Action Step: If you haven’t already guessed, start by eliminating donuts, croissants, pastries, white bread, and sugary cereals from your daily diet. If you begin eating whole grains and whole grain baked goods from now on you will see your metabolism speed up and better blood sugar to boot. Keep your eyes peeled for our next issue where we’ll share a tip or two about designing a new breakfast menu for yourself. A menu that works for you, and assure you it will nutritionally support your metabolic system much better than the sugars, starches and processed foods you’ve been dining on.

To Your Blood Sugar Health
Your Blood Sugar Health Team